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About Us

We try to make migrants life easier in Poland.

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice. Respect is a must.

Anna Lichnerowicz, Founder and President

Our activities are focused on the mission of building a society sensitive to diversity, committed to creating a welcoming, tolerant environment, open to building relationships with migrants in Krakow, to provide them with support and assistance in the daily challenges of adapting to a new society.

Feature Projects

Building Community. Embracing Diversity.

Women Empowerment
Migrant Women Empowerment

Budget 60,000€

Migrant Integration
Women: Experience, courage, voice.

Budget 10,000zł

Summer in the City

Budget 100,000zł

What We Do

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Migrant Integration

We are working in two ways: ensuring that migrants are welcomed into the host society while also ensuring the host society and its policies are adapted to a diverse population.

Women Empowerment

We empower women at all levels to develop their natural abilities to their fullest potential and equip them to excel as leaders of their workplaces and communities across all spheres of society.


We work alongside migrants, people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, in order to respond to their needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Team Members

Let's Meet With Our Ordinary Soldiers

Anna Lichnerowicz

Founder, President

Andrzej Lichnerowicz

IT Guy

Monika Śledź-Pacheco

Project's Master

Nora Huerta

Women rights fighter