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"Migrant Women Empowerment" is an international project by the One World-One Heart Foundation.

The One World-One Heart Foundation, whose goal is to support diversity and integration, is nearing the end of an 18-month project co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ program, titled "Empowerment of Migrant Women" (Migrant Women Empowerment). With a mission to create an inclusive society, the project strengthens the position of migrant women through transparency of information, valuable contacts, and increased self-confidence. In response to challenges arising from limited access to information, isolation, and self-doubt, the project utilizes workshops and key themes such as self-belief, integration, and gender equality, to uplift and empower migrant women in the local community.

This joint initiative, bringing together ArtSmart (Latvia), MOVE to Be You (Austria), and the One World-One Heart Foundation (Poland), has successfully conducted four workshops in Latvia, Poland, and Austria. The project amplifies the voice and potential of migrant women, supporting better prospects for all.

The inaugural workshop took place on November 12, 2022, in the city of Riga, Latvia. The workshop "Women Leadership and Initiative" marked a dynamic start to the journey towards the project's goals. Migrant women from various backgrounds gathered at this special 3-hour event, fostering a spirit of unity and learning.

Empowerment was a pillar of the workshop, harmonizing participants with their local community. Tools for integration, discovery, and initiation were shared, driving mutual development. The workshops evolved as engaging, practical, and interactive meetings. Activities strengthened self-confidence, practical skills, and autonomy among participants. Key topics included communication, financial knowledge, and personal safety.

After the conclusion, participants expressed their reflections and aspirations for future workshops. The feedback met with a positive response, confirming the value of this unique platform for learning and networking.

The next event was a workshop conducted on April 22 in Krakow "Women's Rights in Action," which showcased Krakow's commitment to strengthening their position. This event, organized at the Best Western Plus Krakow Old Town hotel, provided a safe haven for women with migration experience to express their challenges, share experiences, and develop a strategy for empowerment and rights defense.

The essence of the workshop included actions encompassing empowerment, equality, and awareness of rights. The One World One Heart team ensured that discussions took place in a safe, integration-friendly environment. Trust, respect, and confidentiality permeated the atmosphere, driven by a collective effort.

Key achievements of the meeting include increased self-confidence and empowerment of women. There was a deep understanding of the importance of equality, igniting the courage to challenge discriminatory norms. Armed with knowledge and tools, participants became advocates for themselves and their communities.

Moreover, the workshops drew attention to the importance of addressing the interconnected challenges facing migrant women. Combining gender, race, ethnicity, and beyond, the event addressed multi-faceted discrimination and embraced integration.

The following day in the same place, in Krakow, another transformative workshop took place "Raising Up: Building Better Communities." Aiming to empower migrant women, the event addressed challenges and nurtured supportive networks and communities. The workshop achieved key objectives, supporting bonds between women, enabling collaboration, and revealing strategies for integrative communities. Discussions covered awareness of challenges, the significance of networking, best practices, partnerships, and integration. Migrant women united, embracing networking, teamwork, and community engagement. Insights, strategies, and inspirations enabled participants to actively enrich their communities.

The acquired knowledge will drive leadership, social projects, and unity. The success of the workshops highlighted the significance of empowerment, networking, integration, and the potential for lasting change. This underscores the essence of networking for empowerment and integration.

The impact of the workshops created unity between migrant women and local communities, catalyzing positive change. Positive outcomes emphasized the need for empowerment and integration of women.

The One World-One Heart Foundation anticipates future initiatives based on these successes, nurturing integration and community empowerment. The potential of migrant women as initiators of change will flourish thanks to advocacy, leadership, and gender equality initiatives.

The final point of activities in Krakow was a dinner promoting the project and its idea, which gathered representatives of Krakow organizations supporting migrants. The final agenda item, "Dissemination Event," marked a key step towards an integrative and fair society, dedicated to supporting women.

The central point of this event was the unwavering commitment to highlighting the unique needs and challenges of women. The overarching goal is to support initiatives driving women's empowerment, conducive to a better shared future. Project representatives collaborated with local non-governmental organizations, revealing project outcomes and initiating dialogue to strengthen organizational impact.

This dynamic outreach sets the course for new opportunities and lasting partnerships aimed at enhancing the impact of projects, networking, and tightening collaboration.

The final important point of the project was a workshop organized on June 17 in Vienna, Austria, "Be Yourself: Strengthening the Mental Well-being of Migrant Women." This transformative event focused on stress management and emotional balance, delving into the challenges faced by migrant women in a new country.

The workshop equipped participants with tools to combat stress, internal unrest, and find internal inspiration. Addressing factors affecting feelings of isolation and depression, the event empowered migrant women to navigate their new environment with courage.

In summary, the fundamental mission of the One World – One Heart foundation focuses on highlighting women's needs for support and removing barriers. By raising awareness, we shape a society that promotes integration and equality. This event, based on project insights, revealed transformative findings and recommendations.

More information and materials from the project can be found at If the goals of your organization resonate with ours, be sure to get in touch with us:, together we can do more.


Polish Demoscene as a Community. Informal practices of the Polish Demoscene.

Thanks to the support of the National Heritage Institute within the framework of the "Intangible -- pass it on" program, and in cooperation with Chronicle of the Polish Demoscene as well as the excellent sociologist Patryk Wasiak, Phd, we published an album entitled "Polish Demoscene as a Community. Informal practices of the Polish Demoscene.".

Our goal was to gather, consolidate and disseminate knowledge about communication practices and the creating of our own identification of Polish demoscene. The same demoscene that we managed to inscribe to the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Fewer and fewer people remember the mailing of letters and the distribution of demos on floppy disks. Both the manner of this correspondence, as well as the practice of enriching envelopse and floppy disks with a creative visual layer, are an important part of the intangible heritage of demoscene.

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